Faux Leather Planner: Navy Blue | Customise with any 2 patches of your choice


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Step 1 Choose your planner: Navy Blue Ring Binder
Step 2 Choose any two patches Enter the 2 names in the box below: "See you Later Alligator" Suitcase
Step 3 Choose the pages inside the planner: Lined Pages
Step 4 DIY or Ready product: I will place the patches on the planner myself

Sold By: papeljam

Description of product

This faux leather ring binder planner is the most handy daily essential that will help plan and organise your day. Since its a ring binder, you can keep adding/removing the pages as per your requirement. 

Comes with the option to select the undated monthly and week planner pages (64 pages) or lined pages (64 pages)


  • Size: 9.5" by 7" by 1"
  • Colour: Navy Blue
  • Material: PU 
  • Comes with planner pages (you can select any one of the 3 options)
  • Double ring-binder 
  • A slot to keep papers along with 3 sections to keep business cards/quote cards/sticky notes
  • A pen holder loop on the right

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