Multi-Coloured Stripes Hardbound Journal;

Multi-Coloured Stripes Hardbound Journal;

INR 650

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Step 1 Choose your Hardbound Journal: Multi-Coloured Stripes Hardbound Journal
Step 2 Choose one Patch: "See you Later Alligator" Suitcase
Step 3: Personalisation: Do not personalise
Step 4: DIY or Ready Product: I want the ready product, so your team can place it as per their discretion

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Description of product

Hardbound Journals featuring multi-coloured stripes, bringing back the patterned trend. Customize the journal with an embroidered patch of your choice. Create your own customized masterpiece and flaunt it to stand out amongst the crowd.
- Rounded corners
- 80 pages/160 sides
- Ruled pages
- 80 gsm natural shade paper
- Matte Laminate
*The product can be personalised with your name or initials. Please enter the details exactly how you want it to appear on the journal. The personalisation will be done on the top center of the book.
** If you select the option for us to place the patch and send across the final ready product, we will place it in the same position as in the reference image. 
** You can choose more than one patch to customise your journal by buying the patches individually from our online store. All patches are available for sale individually. 

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